Artwork Requirements

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Artwork Requirements

We can work from any file format including PSD (preferred), EPS, TIF, JPG, GIF, BMP, CDR (version 12 or lower), or AI. We would rather have a Photoshop file in Layers with a transparent background in case we have to do minor tweaks to the file. The file resolution must be at least 175dpi or higher at the final print/image size. We would prefer a file that is 300dpi at the final image size. We can upsample lower resolution files but there will be a loss in sharpness and clarity. If you are not sure simply email the file before you place the order and let us tell you of any problems.

We try to perform miracles but if you send us a very low res file then your separations will be soft. If you are new to computer graphics and are not sure, simply use the Zoom Tool in your favorite graphics program and zoom in to see what is really going on. If you see the file with extremely soft edges, we can’t do much to improve that. If the file is a low quality JPG image, when you zoom in you will also see a lot of “artifacts” and random pixels. These artifacts will show up in the final separations.

If your file is going on a shirt where an underbase is needed, we have to remove any existing background.  That is why a file with a transparent background is very helpful. Removing existing backgrounds or a shirt color in the file is hard if the file is low resolution or if it is a busy image. The basic price for separations does NOT include extensive re-work of a file. If we feel the file needs more work on your end we will notify you before we do the separations.

It is the customers responsibility to proof the final seps and color call-outs. We do the best job we can to do a very accurate set of separations based on the information supplied by the customer. But, we assume no liability for lost revenue, charge backs or any other problems associated with a job being printed from our separations. If your job is critical or if there are Pantone colors that must be matched you need to compare the final sample with the information provided by your customer.

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