About T-Biz Network International, LLC
T-Biz Network International, LLC is owned by industry experts and pioneers, Scott and Pat Fresener. The Freseners have been industry leaders and innovators since 1970 and they are the authors of the popular book How To Print T-Shirts for Fun and Profit. The Freseners also founded the U.S. Screen Printing Institute in 1979 and had over 14,000 students attend workshops and classes over the years. 

T-Biz offers solutions for garment decorators that includes hands-on training, T-Seps color separation software, high-end color separations, books, and other products to help garment decorators be more productive and profitable.

Learn more about T-Biz Network at the main T-BizNetwork.com website. View and order products at the T-Biz Network Store.

In order to showcase products better the key T-Biz products have their own websites. Click on one of the family of sites on the links on the right of this page.

Read Scott Fresener’s bio HERE.

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